Episode 1.9: Repairs

A secret from May’s past may be the key to saving the team from being destroyed by a mysterious force.

Original Air Date: Nov 26, 2013

Guest Cast
Robert Baker: Tobias
Christopher Gehrman: Taylor
Josh Clark: Roger

- description from tvguide.com

Episode 1.8: The Well

A crossover episode with “Thor: The Dark World” (2013) finds the agents dealing with the aftermath of the film’s events, which pose a danger to one member of the team.

Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2013

Guest Cast
Erin Way: Petra Larsen
Michael Graziadei: Jakob Nystrom
Peter MacNicol: Professor Elliot Randolph

- description from tvguide.com

Episode 1.7: The Hub


Coulson is dragged into an underground bunker by some soldiers who warn that he’s about to meet the interrogator, who is actually an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Shaw. The time has come for the end of his assignment. Ward and May storm the area. They take out the bad guys and lead everyone to an escape route from the Siberian prison. Once aboard the bus,Simmons removes the intel Shaw accumulated by pulling a small vile from his nose. The team is bringing the information to a classified location known as the Hub.

The mission that evolves from the intelligence gathered by Shaw is classified Level 8. Agent Victoria Hand lets Coulson know that a separatist group has built a weapon known as the overkill device. They plan to use it to declare their independence from Russia and Georgia. It produces sonic vibrations that could trigger weapons from a great distance. Skye and Simmons are not part of the briefing. Neither is Fitz, but he is part of the mission. His expertise is needed in the field to disable the weapon. Coulson orders Ward to take care of his partner.

Ward has a contact that can get them across the border, but the guy turns out to be dead. He and Fitz are about to be blown away by locals when the lights go out. This puts the execution on hold. Fitz endears himself to his captors by fixing the fuse box that he shorted out in the first place. Ward is impressed, as his partner’s actions have them headed across the border. Patrol soldiers try to capture the agents, but Ward is able to neutralize them. He and Fitz go on the run and into hiding. Ward tosses a sandwich Simmons made away. Fitz is furious, and hungry. But search dogs would have picked up the scent. This is just Ward following Coulson’s orders.

Skye is frustrated that she’s in the dark regarding the mission. She ropes Simmons into helping her get some details. As it turns out, Coulson is having a hard time keeping secrets from his team. A talk with May (where he does all the talking) has him realizing he needs to trust the system. As for his still-in-the-dark agents, they are trying to get info from a restricted hallway. Simmons is stopped by Agent Sitwell. Her attempts to sweet talk her way out of this mess go nowhere fast. So she shoots the guy with a stun gun. Skye tells her to get May as she tries to hack her way into finding out the status of Ward and Fitz.

Skye comes across a series of redacted documents. She finds the file she needs to learn that there’s no extraction scheduled. She tells Coulson that Ward and Fitz were sent in there to die. She wants to know if he knew there was no extraction plan. Coulson says that information is classified. He then confronts Agent Hand, who had told him there was an extraction team in place. It was a lie. It was told so an unproven agent like Fitz wouldn’t lose focus on the mission. Hand tells Coulson he needs to trust the system.

Out in the field, Ward and Fitz are able to hitch a ride into the compound containing the device through some clever camouflage maneuvers. They go to work. Fitz dives into the tech end while Ward signals for extraction. He gets an uneasy look on his face after doing so. Fitz takes apart the weapon but disabling it will take time. He has 10 minutes. Ward tells Fitz the extraction team is a bust. He wants him to vacate the area. Fitz isn’t going anywhere. Not until the mission is complete.

May, Skye and Simmons make plans to become an instant extraction team. It’ll be just the three of them until Coulson lets them know that four would be better. At the compound, Fitz disables the device. They need to get out of there before the bad guys realize this. Too late. Alarms sound. S.H.I.E.L.D. has begun their attack on the compound. Ward takes out several soldiers while Fitz immobiles the rest thanks to modifications he made on the weapon he swiped. However, they are surrounded once they step outside. It doesn’t look good until Agent May pulls up in the bus. The cavalry has arrived.

Back at the Hub, Agent Sitwell says that the field agents are in the clear. He thought there wasn’t an extraction team. Agent Hand says, “It’s Agent Coulson’s team. They didn’t need one.” On the bus, Fitz lets Simmons know that the sandwich she made for him was delicious. His partner lets him know she shot a superior officer in the chest. It’s been a full day.

Coulson lets Skye know that he did some digging in regards to the redacted file on her past. He says the person who dropped her off at the orphanage when she was young was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. It may have been her mother or someone who just found her on a doorstep. Skye gives him a big hug for finding out this much. Coulson is still holding something back because some secrets are meant to stay secret. He asks May to help him find out what really happened as they both gaze down at a photo of what looks to be a dead body.

Coulson tries to use his Level 8 clearance to access a restricted file. He’s looking for a death and recovery report on a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. He’s mostly interested in the recovery part. It took place in Tahiti. Coulson is denied access to that particular file. The agent he speaks with on the phone asks if he’d like to make a formal request to Agent Fury. Coulson pauses for a moment before letting him know that won’t be necessary. It seems some secrets truly are meant to stay secret.

Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2013

Guest Cast
Charles Halford: Agent Shaw
Alison White: Marta
Ilia Volok: Vladimir

- description from ABC.com

Episode 1.6: FZZT


In Wrigley, Pennsylvania, a group of boy scouts are a bit on edge as ghost stories are told by the campfire. The scout leader hears a humming sound in the distance. He steps deeper into the woods to investigate. Lightning strikes near the campfire. Call it an electrostatic anomaly. The scouts are scared. Screams from their leader are heard in the distance. The scouts step forward to investigate. They see their leader. His lifeless body hangs suspended in mid-air.

Skye is still in the doghouse with Ward. She’s envious of the relationship Fitz and Simmons have with each other. They are so tight. They also have no idea how the scout master is still suspended in mid-air when they arrive in the woods. When Simmons steps up to the scout leader, a spark goes off. She created a shock. The victim falls to the ground. The dead troop leader, Adam Cross, was as good a guy as Captain America as far as Skye can tell. Simmons says the victim’s brain was zapped by something twice as powerful as a lightning bolt. Another electrostatic signal is detected. The race is on to find its source.

The team arrives at a barn where the source of the anomaly occurred. Inside, they find another dead body suspended in mid-air with a burn mark to the head. The first victim also had the mark. They were both friends who worked as volunteer firefighters. Both men were called into action during the battle of New York. The team believes they were killed by the same person. It could be a mystery individual who is seen polishing a metal mask that emanates a definite electric charge.

Coulson informs the remaining firefighters about their fallen partners. He notices that one of the men seems a little off. The souvenir helmet firefighter Tony Diaz cleaned is the source of an alien infection. He knows he’s going to end up like his friends. Coulson orders everyone out while he talks to the guy. He tells him he doesn’t have to be afraid. Coulson says he died once. It was more than eight seconds. He says he wasn’t here anymore, but where he went was beautiful. This puts Tony at peace. He tells Coulson to leave the room. He knows what’s about to happen, and he’s okay with it.

With three firefighters down, the others are quarantined. The helmet is flown to a research facility known as the Sandbox. Simmons is ordered to find a cure for the infection in case the other firefighters show signs of illness. When she learns that the virus spreads through electrostatic shock from person to person, Coulson realizes that Simmons has been infected. She’s quarantined inside her lab immediately. Fitz keeps his frightened friend company on the other side of the glass. Simmons is the only one who can find a solution for her problem. If she doesn’t, the electric pulse she’ll create will kill her and everyone aboard the bus.

Ward and Skye bond over the fact that they both feel so helpless. Couslon learns from Agent Blake that if he has infected cargo on board, he must dump it. That’s an order. Coulson lets Blake know that he didn’t hear that last transmission before signing off. Down in the lab, Fitz bickers with Simmons. It’s an argument spawned by fear, panic and caring. The two agents realize that they can create an anti-serum by scraping cells from inside the helmet. Fitz steps inside the lab to help his partner. They are going to fix this. Together.

The other agents watch from the other side of the glass as Fitz and Simmons work. Despite their best efforts, they fail to achieve their goal. Simmons knows the protocol for such situations. She asks to have a moment alone with Fitz, who refuses to give up. That’s why she knocks him unconscious. Alarms sound. Someone is lowering the cargo hold ramp. It’s Simmons. Fitz watches in horror as his partner stands on the edge. Then she steps off into the air. Fitz realizes the anti-serum works. He wants to save Simmons, but Ward grabs the parachute from his hands. He jumps out of the plane to bring back his fellow agent.

Ward catches up to Simmons in the air. He saves her life. Coulson reads them both the riot act once they are both back aboard the bus. He’s very glad they are alive. So is Skye. She gives Simmons a big hug. As for Coulson, he lets May know that his health test results indicate that everything is fine. But he doesn’t feel fine. He feels different. May checks out the wound on his midsection. She says the point of the scar is to remind him that there’s no going back. There’s only moving forward. As for Simmons, she assures Fitz that he’s a hero for what he did for her before giving him a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Agent Blake is waiting for Coulson at the Sandbox. He warns him that if keeps disobeying direct orders that someone may just take away his little dream team. Coulson says. “I’d like to see them try.” Blake sees this isn’t the same man he used to know. Coulson agrees. He advises Blake to get used to it.

Original Air Date: Nov 5, 2013

Guest Cast
Vincent Laresca: Tony Diaz
Titus Welliver: Agent Blake
Robert Maffia: Baker

- description from ABC.com

Episode 1.5: Girl in the Flower Dress


Chan Ho Yin performs a series of illusions on the streets of Hong Kong. He gets very few tips for his efforts. Chan is obviously disappointed, but he cheers up when he sees a girl in flower dress smiling in his direction. He does another trick. This time he incredibly conjures up a fireball in his hand. Chan hurls it into the night. He accompanies the girl in the flower dress back to his apartment. Her name is Raina. She believes Chan has a gift. She says he’s been chosen. Men in fire-retardant gear storm the apartment. They take Chan away.

Ward and Skye are involved in a fierce game of Battleship just before an incoming alert comes in. It’s about Chan. Coulsonbriefs the team on his pyrokinetic abilities. Chan has been on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s “Index” for years. That’s a list of people and objects with different kinds of power. Chan’s handler, Agent Kwan, reveals that his charge was upset that he couldn’t show his power. He also says that the bad guys tracked him down thanks to a crack into S.H.I.E.LD.’s data stream. The group responsible is the Rising Tide. Skye swears she had nothing to do with it. She helps locate the real hacktivist. He’s Miles Lydon of Austin, Texas.

The team tracks down Miles in Austin. They give chase, but the guy has a gridlock protocol app that he activates to cause Coulson to get caught in an instant traffic jam. When Miles gets back to his apartment, Skye is waiting for him. These two know each other—intimately. After Skye reads him the riot act for his recent stupidity, she kisses him passionately. The two of them make love. Skye warns Miles to steer clear of S.H.I.E.L.D. as she looks for her shirt top. She’s stunned to see Melinda May holding it in the next room. Skye knows she’s busted.

Skye swears that all is not as it seems. She warned Miles because they are friends. She was also trying to find out what he knows about Chan. Miles claims he doesn’t know anything about the man they seek. He’s going with the team to Hong Kong. So is Skye, in handcuffs. She argues with Miles about S.H.I.E.L.D.’S intentions. Coulson now wonders about Skye’s intentions. He believes she’s still hiding something. Miles is hiding something, too. He was paid a million bucks for information he gave to a girl in a flower dress. It involved a lab that was doing a study involving centipedes.

Raina apologizes to Chan for how they brought him in. She promises a chance to get him recognition for his gift. He could become a household name like Captain America. Speaking of names, Raina already has one picked out for Chan. She believes he should be called “Scorch.” Chan gets an injection to help him fully realize his power. He creates a large fire ring and hurls it across a lab. He’s ecstatic that someone is finally allowing him to show the world his power.

Debbie, the doctor we first saw in the “Pilot,” watches as Chan is put through a series of tests. The platelets in the subject’s blood prevent the Extremis serum in his system from combusting. Debbie orders Raina to drain him of those very platelets. Chan has become a lab rat for Centipede. Coulson and May head out to rescue him via the roof with Agent Kwan. They blow the door. May takes down a few bad guys while Kwan frees Chan. The building is put on lockdown. Coulson turns to see Agent Kwan has been set ablaze. Chan has injected himself with his platelets to keep from burning. He strikes out violently.

Skye needs to be onsite to hack into the system that’s trapping Coulson and May in the lab. Chan continues to shoot fire at the agents. Ward is on his way. Skye manages to unlock the doors. Chan escapes. He finds Debbie in the hallway. Raina closes the elevator doors leaving her trapped. An angry Chan shoots fireballs at Debbie setting her ablaze. All that’s left of the doctor is ash and dust. Chan is immobilized when May injects him with syringes from behind. Extremis forms on his face. With some help from Miles, the agents escape as the fireball that used to be Chan rockets through the roof before dissipating in the air.

Coulson fits Miles with a bracelet that will assure that he won’t be able to use electronics for awhile. He lets him know that he’ll have to find his own ride back to Austin. As for Skye, she’s on her own as she faces Coulson in his office. He knows she still has something she’s keeping a secret. Skye finally comes clean. She produces a file that shows how a lifelong search for her parents has led her to a single document. It’s been redacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson says that maybe he can help. But for now, Skye will have to wear a bracelet just like the one given to Miles.

Raina meets with an imprisoned man. They are separated by a glass partition as they chat over the phone. Raina says they found a solution to the combustion problem. She believes they’ll soon have stable subjects. This means moving on to Phase 2. Rayna asks the man to touch base with someone known as the Clairvoyant. She wants to know if any insights can be given regarding Phase 3. The man warns that the Clairvoyant doesn’t like to be touched. Raina says they all have to do things that are uncomfortable if they are ever to get their toy soldiers off the shelf. She turns to leave. The man says he likes Raina’s flower dress. She responds, “I know.”

Original Air Date: Oct 22, 2013

Guest Cast
Shannon Lucio: Debbie
Ruth Negga: Raina
Austin Nichols: Miles Lydon
Cullen Douglas: Po
Tzi Ma: Agent Quan Chen

- description from ABC.com

Episode 1.4: Eye Spy


Sergel’s Square in Stockholm, Sweden is abuzz with activity as citizens go about their daily routines. The only oddity of the day is the group of men walking through the area. They are well-dressed. Each holds metal briefcase that is handcuffed to his wrist. One more thing. All of the men wear red masks. They step onto a subway train drawing stares from all. One woman in particular locks her gaze on the men before closing her eyes and disabling all the lights. There’s a struggle. When the train stops, the woman is gone and several of the red mask men are dead. One has had his hand severed off. The briefcase he carried is gone.

The woman from the train, Akela Amador, opens the briefcase she stole at a safe location. There are diamonds inside. Akela turns over the diamonds to a buyer vowing that she will find this man if the access card he gives her fails. Agent Coulson letsSkye know he needs her help to catch this thief once “the bus” lands in Sweden. The men who were killed wore identical outfits with matching red masks so the criminal wouldn’t know which one was transporting the diamonds. The plan failed. An Instagram photo shows the woman who committed the theft. Coulson recognizes Akela immediately. She’s a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Coulson trained her.

Akela was believed to be dead after a botched mission. Coulson never believed it. He wants to hold off on contacting headquarters for the time being. He feels guilty for possibly having pushed his former charge too hard. The team travels to Zloda, Belarus to track down Akela. Simmons has always dreamed of visiting this place. Fitz, on the other hand, isn’t crazy about another job in the field. Coulson assures them they won’t have to leave the van. Too bad since Skye is in desperate need of a potty break. Ward instructs her to use an empty water bottle. That’s not gonna work.

Skye, Fitz and Simmons realize they are being watched from the outside. CRASH! A truck rams the side of their vehicle. It’s Akela. Skye tries to take advantage of her limited weapons training, but the truck smashes them again before she can use her gun. They are pushed over a ridge. No one is hurt, but Akela gets away. The team realizes their foe has a camera built into her eye. What she sees switches to backscatter when she closes her eyes. No one has technology like this. Coulson wants to bring in Akela. Melinda May has other ideas. She wants to take her out. Skye is on Coulson’s side. After all, he believes in her, so he must a good judge of character.

The team realizes that Akela is being controlled by someone. Agent May confronts the target in her hotel room. Akela lets her know that her know that the people who control her built a failsafe. Either she kills May or they kill her. A mighty battle ensues between the two women. The lights go out. Coulson bursts into the room. He and Akela draw guns on each other. But Coulson’s weapon isn’t lethal. When Akela awakens after being knocked out, she wonders why her handler hasn’t blown up the camera in her eye. Coulson explains that it’s because he believes she’s on her way to her next mission.

Ward wears a set of glasses mimicking the imprint that’s in the eye camera. Coulson assures Akela that she’s safe. He’s also glad she’s alive. Akela still feels guilt over the team she was with back when she didn’t listen to Coulson’s orders, as they all died. She explains how a mystery handler watches her every move. If she disobeys her orders, she dies via the failsafe. As for the mission, she gets messages from someone she believes to be an Englishman. The info comes in pieces.

Ward infiltrates the building where Akela is to complete her mission. Skye warns him via radio that he needs to avoid mirrors so the handler doesn’t see his face. Ward is at a loss when he’s ordered to seduce the man guarding the room he needs to access. He ends up knocking the guy out. Ward enters the secret room where the camera in his glasses snaps a picture of some type of equation on a blackboard. Alarms sound as Ward tries to make a quick escape. He’s caught looking into a mirror. He orders Fitz and Simmons, who are operating on Akela to disable the failsafe, to cut the wires now. They do and she’s safe.

CRASH! Ward barrels through a window to the outside world where Skye is waiting for him. They race to safety. Meanwhile, Coulson is hot on the trail of Akela’s handler. He spots him trying to escape. The handler panics when he sees Coulson’s S.H.I.E.L.D. credentials. His eye smokes and blood vessels pop. In an instant, the handler is dead. He was fitted with a failsafe, too. That means the real threat is still out there and they have the equation, possibly an alien one, from that blackboard.

Akela will receive a fair trial. Coulson will testify on her behalf. Akela asks May what happened to Coulson. He’s different than when she knew him. She wonders what they did to him. Later, Akela is able to do something she hasn’t been able to do in a very long time. She closes her eyes to sleep in peace.

Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2013

- description from ABC.com

Episode 1.3: The Asset


A big office supply truck cruises down the highway. The driver, Mack, allows one of the two SUVs serving as his escort to pass in front of him. He’s shocked to see the vehicle go airborne before crashing to the ground. Mack desperately tries to regain control of the truck as he accesses a holographic map. The second SUV goes airborne. Then Mack’s truck ascends as well. It crashes down to the ground. Mack is unconscious as men in camouflage outfits entire the area with a heavy machinery vehicle to rip open the truck’s storage area. They aren’t look for office supplies. They are there for the asset hidden behind a locked S.H.I.E.L.D. door. They are there for Dr. Franklin Hall.

Agent Ward does his best to train Skye in some basic fighting and combat moves, but his student lacks focus. She’s not committed. Ward says every field agent has a defining moment, but he’s not willing to reveal his. Skye threatens to haveCoulson give him some more of that truth serum he got injected with in “The Pilot.” She’s stunned when her supervising officer reveals they don’t have a truth serum. Later, Coulson briefs the team on the abduction of Canadian physicist, Dr. Franklin Hall.Fitz and Simmons are especially upset to hear this news. The good doctor was their chemical kinetics advisor back in the day.

Dr. Hall was one of a few select scientists S.H.I.E.L.D. has been protecting so their enemies don’t get their hands on them. Mack says the bad guys knew his route. This suggests they were working with someone inside S.H.I.E.L.D. Simmons determines that an erratically-spinning mini-gyroscope device is what caused the trucks to go airborne. Coulson and Ward find the man who sold the equipment to the folks who snatched Hall. He was paid in gold that was made in a mine owned by a wealthy businessman named Ian Quinn. He’s the one who kidnapped Hall and brought him to his compound in Malta. These two have a past together.

Quinn chose Malta because he is protected from anyone coming after him there, including S.H.I.E.L.D. He shows Hall a prototype of a machine that’s powered by gravitonium, an extremely rare, high atomic-numbered element that many thought didn’t even exist. The device can randomly change the rules of gravity around it. This is something Dr. Hall has studied for many years. Quinn wants him to help him control the gravity fields in the giant generator he developed.

Skye offers to crash the annual shareholders gathering that’s coming up at Quinn’s compound. She hacks her way into creating her own personal Evite. Ward isn’t sure this is a great idea based on her training. Coulson suggests he start acting more like a person than a training officer. This leads his admission as to having a brother who beat him up mercilessly. He had to learn to protect himself. That was his defining moment. It’s exactly what Skye wanted to know, but she apologizes for pushing.

Coulson knows Agent May doesn’t want to be part of the two-man extraction team going in to get Hall while Skye parties with Quinn. That’s why he’s personally going in with Ward. At the party, Skye meets Quinn, who is impressed with her Rising Tide work. The host offers her a job. Quinn makes a speech about how he is planning to control gravity to his shareholders. He later catches Skye snooping around his place. She writes down on a piece of paper that “S.H.I.E.L.D. is listening.” This gets her an invite into Quinn’s office where she ditches her communication device.

Skye details how she’s been hanging with S.H.I.E.L.D. lately. Quinn isn’t surprised. He says S.H.I.E.L.D. preys on people like her—people with no family. He wants to know what they want with him. Skye uses this conversation as an opportunity to help Fitz disable the compound’s exterior laser grid long enough for Coulson and Ward to enter the premises. The agents split up. Coulson finds Dr. Hall who, surprisingly, doesn’t want to leave. As it turns out, the good doctor was the mole. He wanted to get kidnapped so that he could bury the device Quinn was developing at the bottom of the ocean. That means killing everyone in the area, too.

The device will soon reach a critical acceleration rate. The forces of gravity are already being manipulated causing much instability. In Quinn’s office, Skye uses what little training she has to make an escape into the pool below. She’s eventually surrounded by Quinn’s men. Ward shows up just in time to take them all down. In the underground lab, Coulson manages wrestle his gun away from Hall as their surroundings become increasingly unstable. He can’t cut the power. Fitz and Simmons tell him he needs to find a catalyst—something to cut the device’s chemical reaction in the core. Coulson has no choice. BANG! BANG! BANG! He blasts a hole into a spot that causes Dr. Hall to drop through the gyroscope. The scientist has become the catalyst as he is consumed by the gravitonium until it finally sits at rest.

Coulson gets a visit from Melinda May. She wants to report for combat next time it comes up. She’s committed, as is Skye. She reveals to Ward how she never fit in with any of the foster parents she was shuffled to as a kid. There was one family in particular that she’d hoped to join, but it never happened. Ward assures her they won’t turn their back on her. That doesn’t matter. Skye has made her choice. She wants this life. She’s committed. In other news, Coulson orders that the gravitonium be stored deep in the recesses of an unmarked vault. Nobody is to have access. Once the vault doors close, something amazing happens. The gravitonium forms into a hand.

Original Air Date: Oct 8, 2013

Guest Cast
Brandon Molale: Quinn’s Main Guard
Scott Subiono: Todd Chesterfield
Assaf Cohen: Translator
David Conrad: Ian Quinn
Ian Hart: Dr. Franklin Hall
Vachik Mangassarian: Qasim Zaghlul

- description from ABC.com

Episode 1.2: 0-8-4


The Airborne Mobile Command Station known as “the bus” is headed for a top secret location dubbed the Slingshot. Even though there was a bumpy situation on the ground not long ago, Agent Phil Coulson radios in that all is well. Then… BOOM! An explosion rips open a side section of the aircraft. A body flies out. Inside, Agent Coulson hangs on for his life as he is violently sucked toward the opening. We jump back 19 hours earlier to see what led to this turbulent situation in the sky.

Agent Ward lets it be known that the frown on his face is because Skye is part of the team. Technically, she’s acting as a consultant, which is also how Agent Coulson classifies Tony Stark. Melinda May is concerned about the two kids they are bringing aboard the bus. She’s speaking of Agents Fitz and Simmons. Their combined number of missions in the field adds up to a grand total of one. It was the rescue of Skye in the “Pilot.” Their next mission is in Peru. An 0-8-4 has been uncovered there. That’s an object of unknown origin. Coulson says that last 0-8-4 turned out to be pretty interesting. It was a big hammer.

The team arrives at the Incan archaeological site in Peru. The 0-8-4 is lodged in a wall inside a temple. Drone dwarf Sleepy scans the object suggesting it was there before the structure was built. On the outside, Agents Ward and May discover Peruvian soldiers, or the national police, trying to sneak up on them. They neutralize a few of them, but are quickly outnumbered. Coulson steps out to address the leader of the soldiers, Comandante Camilla Reyes. These two have a past. All signs point to it being an amicable one once Camilla plants two kisses on a receptive Coulson. All guns are lowered. Everything is cool until…

BOOM! An explosion rocks the site as attacking Peruvian rebels swarm the area. The 0-8-4 has a fluctuating power core. It must be handled with delicate care. Agent Ward doesn’t do “delicate” when under attack. He rips the 0-8-4 out of the wall. He then jabs a device into the outside ground that creates sonic blast that knocks the rebels off their feet. Melinda May peels up to the scene with an escape vehicle. The team races back to the bus under heavy fire along with Camilla and a few of her men. They also have the 0-8-4 which is fueled by tesserat technology from the days when Captain America first came to be. It holds lethal amounts of gamma radiation.

Coulson settles down his bickering team. They all have different ways at looking at things, but they also have different skills to bring to the table. For example, Fitz and Simmons determine that the 0-8-4 is actually a very powerful weapon. Melinda May is a pretty good pilot who is trying to ditch a past where she was referred to as “the cavalry.” Skye doesn’t believe one person always has the solution. Sometimes it takes a group to figure things out. Speaking of figuring things out, Coulson believes Camilla is getting too friendly, too fast. He realizes she has an agenda right around the time Agent Ward figures out her soldiers are aboard for nefarious reasons.

Ward does battle with several of the soldiers while Coulson dukes it out with Camilla upstairs. One of the bad guys makes his way to the cockpit where he injects a gas that that knocks out Agent May. Soon Camilla and her men are in control of the plane. She knows Coulson will provide her the clearance she needs to change the air routes in order to save his team as they sit tied up in the cargo hold. Ward gives a subtle nod to Skye when he suggests they all work together for a solution to their problem. Agent May snaps her wrist to release herself from her bindings. She takes out the guard in seconds. The cavalry has arrived.

Even though he has no idea that his team is free, Coulson knows they’ll come through. That’s because Camilla has provided them with something very powerful: a common enemy. Melinda May crashes a car into the lab so Fitz and Simmons can get to work. Coulson notices a dwarf drone flying into his area. He knows his team has plan, so he gives the “all is well” call over the radio. BOOM! The dwarf drone triggers a reaction that blows a hole in the side of the aircraft. One soldier is sucked out as Coulson hangs on for dear life. The drop in cabin pressure releases all the door locks allowing the rest of the team full access to all parts of the aircraft.

Ward takes out multiple bad guys while Skye, Fitz and Simmons retrieve the 0-8-4. The plane continues to lose pressure as Agent May fights off an attacker in the cockpit. She regains control of the plane, but they are still falling. Thankfully, Skye read the safety pamphlet Ward gave her before they left. She releases a heavy duty raft that blocks the hole in the side of the plane. Everything stabilizes. Coulson sets a broken glass on the table where his team gathers. Skye puts a coaster underneath it, just like her new boss asked her to do before takeoff. This will stop any water rings from forming on the table, which is nice. Unfortunately, the rest of the plane is in pretty bad shape thanks to all the fighting, gunfire and that big, gaping hole in its side.

The plane may be totaled, but at least Lola survived all the excitement without a scratch. The 0-8-4 is delivered to the classified Slingshot location where it will be dealt with accordingly. Camilla is sent to a S.H.I.E.L.D. detainment facility where she will be dealt with accordingly, too. As for her past personal relationship with Agent Coulson, that information has been deemed classified. Ward accepts the responsibility of becoming Skye’s supervising officer. As for his trainee, she is about to take responsibility for the hole in the plane until the rest of the team chimes in to say it was a group effort. Agent Coulson is pleased.

As the team watches the rocket holding the 0-8-4 launch on its journey to the sun, Skye receives a text message. It’s from the Rising Tide. The message reads: “Rising Tide in a holding pattern. Planning to go dark. What is your status?” Skye hesitates for a moment before uneasily typing her reply. It reads: “I’m in.”

Original Air Date: Oct 1, 2013

Guest Cast
Leonor Varela: Camilla Reyes
Carlos Leal: Archaeologist
Celestin Cornielle: Vilca

- description from ABC.com

Episode 1.1: Pilot


The secret is out. The battle of New York showed the world that gods can drop from the sky, men in iron suits can soar to the stars, a super soldier can awaken from the past and a green, hulking creature can smash that which needs to be smashed. The world is full of heroes. Not all of them are super like the action figures a young boy gazes at longingly through a store window. His father, Mike Peterson, would love nothing more than to buy his son his favorite hero for his birthday. But times are tough. The young boy understands. This doesn’t make the situation any easier for Mike. In fact, it makes it hurt even more.

BOOM! An explosion in the upper floor of an apartment building rocks the city. Mike asks a friend to watch his boy as he rushes into an alley. When he’s sure no one is looking, he smashes his hands into the side of the building as he scales its exterior. Mike grabs hold of an injured woman and bounds down to the ground from high above. He saves the woman’s life. No one saw him go into the building, but an amazed onlooker certainly caught him on the way out. Her name is Skye (Chloe Bennet) and she captures the entire amazing rescue on video. Mike knows this woman saw him. She knows his secret.

Agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) is in Paris on a mission involving a group known as the Rising Tide. He’s attacked by two hostiles while retrieving a package. He neutralizes them by smashing one man with a blender and another into an oven door. Agent Ward is good with his hands and, apparently, quite skilled in the kitchen. Once back on American soil, Ward is asked by Agent Maria Hill (special guest star Cobie Smulders) what he knows about S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division). He has Level 6 clearance, so he knows that Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) was killed before the battle of New York. Ward is stunned when the aforementioned deceased agent steps into the room to welcome him to Level 7.

Coulson explains that after he was stabbed by a nasty Asgardian, Director Fury shuffled him off to Tahiti where he enjoyed Mai Tais and Travis McGee novels. It’s a magical place. There’s more to the Tahiti story than even the storyteller knows, but Coulson is back into the game because there are unregistered “gifted” individuals out there. The Rising Tide provides evidence of this via a video showing Mike leaping from that burning building. Ward has been selected to be part of a mobile command unit because Coulson knows that things are about to get very weird for this mystery man. He’s going to need help. He’s going to need S.H.I.E.L.D.

As for the rest of Coulson’s team, he convinces Agent Melina May (Ming-Na Wen) to drive the bus. It’s a big, technologically-loaded airborne mobile command station just to be clear. Agent Leo Fitz (Ian De Caestecker) and Agent Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge), call them Fitz-Simmons, are two bickering research brains that have never been in the field. They use little flying drones named after dwarfs to help analyze problems. And then there’s Lola, Agent Coulson’s cool collectible convertible. Don’t ever touch Lola.

Skye tracks down Mike to tell him that S.H.I.E.L.D. will be coming for him. Her offer to help him in the superhero department is rejected. Skye is great with computers. That’s why she’s been able to hide her identity as part of the Rising Tide right up until the moment Coulson and Ward abduct her from her mobile office (aka her van). They want to contain the superhero from the video. Coulson also wants to know about something Skye calls “Centipede.” So he shoots Ward with a truth serum which forces the agent to admit that he thinks Skye is beautiful. Coulson gives Skye free reign to ask Ward whatever she wants in order to gain her trust.

Mike tries to get his old factory job back. His ex-boss is having none of it. This causes Mike to lose his temper big time. He causes some major damage and serious injury to his former foreman. Skye knows this type of thing doesn’t fit the good man she met. Mike visits the woman he saved from the bombed building in the hospital. She’s a doctor from his past who is upset that he exposed her and the program. She wants Mike to disappear. She thinks he’s losing it just like the last guy.

Thanks to some help from Skye, Fitz and Simmons recover video footage featuring the “last guy.” He had an intravenous filter on his arm that looks like a centipede. It’s used to filter a serum into the blood that allows the recipient to have strength that is far more volatile to the one used to create a certain super soldier from the ’40s. It’s called Extremis and it’s very unstable. Its effects cause Mike to act out irrationally by kidnapping Skye so that she can help him and his son. Coulson and his team realize the superhero they seek could literally explode at any time.

Fitz and Simmons believe there are two options for Mike. He needs to be isolated from other people or they need to put a bullet in his brain. That’s not good enough for Coulson. He wants a third option—one that doesn’t involve a son losing his father. Using coordinates secretly sent by Skye, the team tracks the subject to Union Station as Fitz-Simmons work frantically to come up with option number three. Mike wreaks havoc both outside and inside the building. Ward tries to capture him but to no avail. BANG! A cop fires at Mike. Actually, the gunman is not a real police officer. Coulson realizes they have an uninvited third party on the scene.

BANG! The faux cop shoots Mike forcing him to plunge off the upper floor and crash to the ground below. Melinda May takes down the bad cop with some precision hand-to-hand combat moves. It seems she does more than just drive the bus. As for Mike, the poison in his system is taking over. He’s losing control. Coulson lays down his gun. He listens to Mike’s impassioned speech about how he matters, how he could be hero. This is something Coulson is counting on. THWAP! Something strikes Mike in the head putting him down. It’s not a bullet. It’s something that came from a futuristic-looking rifle being held by Agent Ward. He got it from Fitz-Simmons. Option 3 has arrived.

Mike’s family is happy to hear that he’ll be coming home someday. Coulson knows that whoever sponsored the Centipede project is still out there, as are many other unknown threats. He asks Skye if she’s willing to join the fight. This is moments before he receives a call about an 0-8-4. Coulson fires up Lola. He’s pretty far from the rest of the team, but expects to meet up with them in about 10 minutes. That’s because Lola can fly. She can literally fly. The world is full of wonders. There are heroes and monsters. There are also the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Original Air Date: Sep 24, 2013

Guest Cast
Shannon Lucio: Debbie
J. August Richards: Mike
Ron Glass: Dr. Streiten
Cobie Smulders: Maria Hill
Bob Stephenson: Gary

- description from ABC.com